Statement of Our Principles

Welcome to the Migrant English Project (MEP). MEP is a place to learn, find support and make friends. 

At the Migrant English Project (MEP) we believe that we are all equals. Everyone should be treated with respect, whatever their nationality, immigration status, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, or age. 

We all have different ways of communicating. At MEP we believe in being aware of cultural differences while making sure that nobody is treated badly, bullied or abused. 

MEP is a non-hierarchical space. This means that no one is in charge and we don’t believe in some people telling other people what to do. We make decisions by talking to one another and coming to an agreement. Everyone is responsible for helping to sort out any problems that occur. We encourage people to say what they think but also to listen to other people without shouting, swearing or interrupting.

At MEP we share the work and ask everyone who comes in to help with what needs doing. Volunteers and students all help run MEP, for example by taking turns to cook or wash up after lunch. 

At MEP we don’t ask people to give us personal details like their full name and address. Any personal information we do have will be kept confidential except where there is a serious risk of harm to an individual. No one at MEP will ever contact the Home Office or immigration authorities (unless an individual asks us to in order to help them with their case). 

We will not allow any discrimination, harassment, bullying or abuse to take place at MEP.

Anyone who respects our principles and supports what we are doing is welcome at MEP. 

Reviewed June 2013