Information for people at MEP about Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a new illness that is spreading quickly. That’s why we think it’s a good idea to give MEP some basic information and tell you what we (MEP organisers) are planning. 

MEP will carry on opening every Monday until or unless we are advised not to by the local council, the Government or Public Health England (the national organisation that looks after people’s health). BUT we may not be able to open if the volunteers running the project get sick or are advised not to come in because of other health conditions. You can always check our website for up-to-date information.

If you give us your name and mobile number (at the welcome desk when you arrive at MEP), we can text you to let you know if MEP closes. We won’t give your personal information to anyone else.

We are giving everyone this information because things are changing every day and we think it’s a good idea to plan ahead but please don’t worry – most people who get the virus will have a mild illness and recover but there are things we can do to try to stay well.

To cut down on infection, we are bringing in paper towels and a bin (rather than using a hand towel) for drying your hands after using the toilet. PLEASE PUT THE PAPER TOWELS IN THE BIN PROVIDED, NOT DOWN THE TOILET!

Where to get information and advice

We have worked with Sanctuary on Sea to create a page listing Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and people supporting them. You can view the SoS COVID-19 Resources page here.

Some useful resources for migrants and people supporting migrants during coronavirus have been prepared by Covid Mutual Aid UK and by STAR (Student Action for Refugees).

NHS coronavirus (COVID-19) page

Brighton and Hove Council has information for people

The Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has gathered questions from the community and prepared a document with answers to frequently asked questions about the Covid-19 coronavirus, and how to access healthcare at this time. You can download a PDF here.

UK Government information

If you are planning to travel abroad check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice page at

Mencap has prepared an ‘easy read’ information sheet about Covid-19. It has been written specially for people with learning disabilities, but the information could be useful to people whose understanding of written English is not very advanced.

Follow Public Health England or The Department of Health and Social Care on Twitter for regular updates.